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Plastic Trays, Carton Inserts and POP Displays

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We produce a wide range of custom formed plastic trays used to hold, protect, organize and transport products and/or product components. Formed plastic trays are well suited to hold and position an exact amount of product and product accessories inside folding cartons, boxes or in a counter top display.

  • Carton Inserts are used to hold and position products inside folding cartons.

  • Product Holding Trays are used to organize and hold products. 

  • Transportation Trays are used by manufacturers to organize and transport small parts during their product manufacturing process or to bulk ship finished products. We produce one way disposable or heavier re-usable bulk transport trays.

  • Counter Top Displays can be colorful and shiny for organizing and boldly displaying products on in-store counter tops.

  • In-Store Shelf Trays are specifically designed lock in shelf space for your product only. These trays are custom designed to hold, promote and display or dispense only your product on a dry or refrigerated shelf position. 

We process many types, colors and grades of plastic into custom product holding trays, carton inserts and counter top displays and in-store shelf trays that are fitted to your unique requirements. We process virgin medical grade and food grade plastics for food and medical applications, anti- static and static dissipative plastics for electronic applications and a wide range of, lower cost, recycled plastics in clear, clear tint or the solid Pantone color of your choice. We offer decorative co-extruded caps in a wide assortment of colors and patterns.   

For more information on custom plastic trays, carton inserts or counter top displays please contact:

David Bernard, Sales Manager
713-864-7300 x115