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The People of FormTex

Frank Yerich - President

My entire career has been in the Plastic Thermoforming. For the past 20 years I have helped FormTex built one of the best Sales, Package Design and Quality Production teams in this industry.

To continue growing our innovative plastic packaging company and to remain highly competitive we have assembled a wide range of quality individuals and equipment to design, prototype, tool and produce our valued customer's unique requirements for quality custom plastic Thermoforming.

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Mark Anselmo – Vice President


I have been designing and developing Custom Packaging for over 20 years. I am clearly aware that you need the best possible packaging at the lowest possible cost. Give me a call to discuss the cost and merchandizing advantages that FormTex can offer your formed plastic package or product.

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David Bernard – Sales Manager

Hello, my name is David Bernard. I am the Sales Manager here at FormTex. My goal is to work with you to create a product that exceeds your expectations. We do this by designing a plastic part that does more than protect, carry or display your product. By pre-selecting the optimum raw material and incorporating well thought out design features into the tray or clamshell, we can bring additional outstanding benefits to product and your bottom line.

Would you like to improve production efficiency, increase product pack out, improve retail impact, or simply reduce current package cost? These are real examples of the benefits many of our customers have achieved. Please call me to discuss how we can accomplish this for your company.

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Rebecca Medrano - Sales Service


Call me if you have any question about our stock packaging or to get updates on your current order.

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Rocky Chan – Controller

I have over 25 years experience in the Plastic Thermoforming industry. Among my responsibilities is to control raw material costs and inventory levels so that your order is run on time and at the lowest price.

713-864-7300 Ext: 107 -


Bettye Davis – Accounting


I handle accounts payable and receivable. Please call me if you have any accounting or billing questions.

713-864-7300-112 -



Calvin Flores - CAD/CAM Designer

I am responsible for developing all CAD drawings and documenting the quality specifications for your final package. I truly enjoy all the creative potential there is in designing custom formed plastic items. I especially like it when we come up with true value added design improvements that deliver benefits to our customers without incurring additional costs.

713-864-7300 Ext: 106 -


David Grau – Plant Manager

I am responsible for all aspects of production. This includes personnel training, production scheduling and equipment maintenance. We operate a wide range of production equipment to meet our customer's needs. My goal is meet yours and our high quality standards as efficiently and safely as possible.

713-864-7300-113 -


Mike Wilson – Production Supervisor

I manage product production. My goal is to see that your order is produced to the highest quality standards as quickly and safely as possible.

713-864-7300-111 -


Emma Martinez – Quality Control


My job is to monitor and document the quality of the items we produce. I inspect all inbound raw materials to see that each order we produce meets and maintains the established quality standards.

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Our entire office and production staff would like to "Thank You"  for choosing FormTex Plastics Corp. to be your source for quality, Custom Plastic Thermoforming.